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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

“Fleur de Lis” (or the Flower of the Lily)

Isadora’s owner, Laura, and I were speaking the other day of an art exhibit she had seen, featuring Yoko Ono.  She had placed two piles of rocks in a large room, one of small stones and the other of large rocks.  They represented the good and the bad in her life.  And since the large pile (her good pile) far outweighed the small pile (her bad pile) she felt grateful for the beauty of her life.

And it made me think about how something can be so simple and yet so large.  I love art or images or ideas like that.  Something that is deceptively simple.  Something that grows within your mind and soul the longer you know of it.

Some images seem that way to me.  They are not ideas that blossom but there is something profoundly beautiful about a image captured thousands of years ago that still continues to evolve in beauty as different artists interpret it and each of us has our own relationship with its beauty.

It is how I feel about the fleur de lis.  It can be seen in religion, in royal heralds, in the flag of New Orleans and yet I still hold my breath each time I am presented with a new image of the fleur de lis.

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