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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day to Night: Wearing Your Diamonds During the Day

While working I often hear, “I adore this piece of jewelry but I can only wear it for formal events and I only attend a couple of those a year”. 

And it is true there are not many formal events in the majority of our lives.  We are not the starchy society we once were, particularly in Seattle.  But that does not mean we have to give up on exquisite jewelry just because we are worried we will have no place to wear it. 

Exquisite jewelry is worth a little effort.  And I admit I may go over the top occasionally in my need to work my life around an outfit.  One of my old roommates and I used to host themed dinners.  We would make it Fellini night or “Roman Holiday” night.  Whatever fashion sensibility we wanted to emulate we would create an event to suit. 

Fashion, not shockingly has always been a passion of mine and for different periods of my life a profession. Some people collect stamps, some people restore cars, I like to see just how dressy you can wear a t-shirt and just how casually you can wear diamonds. 

Store Manager, Elizabeth Schoenleber, Sporting a White Shirt & Diamond Necklace

But if this is not something you want to devote all your time to, there are easy ways to have your diamond necklace and wear it to. 

It’s true.  When a woman asks me where in the world she could wear a fantastic diamond necklace, my response is always where couldn’t she.  Sometimes I even see a little red or rather blinding white as I am called to arms to defend the choice of diamonds during the day. 
First of all everything looks better with diamonds.  There are the classics—diamond stud earrings, diamond pendant necklace, diamond band or perhaps a diamond engagement ring.

But you can’t just stop there.   Who can resist diamond chandelier earrings with a black jersey shirt and your cutest jeans for drinks with the girls?  Or a little bling added to a boring workday in the form of a fantastic brooch attached to a cardigan, blazer or boat neck shirt.
Now some people say diamonds I get, but what about the really antique, ornate and fabulous necklace I love but can’t envision in my daily wear. This is when I call in to play the ever, useful white button down shirt.  Some people say always have a little black dress and I say yes, but also have one, two, three white button down shirts. (Really you can never have to many white, button-down shirts.  Really. ) Wear a white shirt with black pants for office wear or jeans for day wear and pair it with one of those fantastic Victorian necklaces and see how amazing you look with out being too over dressed.  

Don’t have the budget for diamonds, you can also juxtapose that beautiful, sparkling crystal necklace you’ve always yenned for but felt timid about wearing.  Just have fun.  Defy the uber casualness of the day for a stylish casual elegance all your own.

(And please enjoy the photos above of the staff of Isadora's doing our best to dress down diamonds in the most delightful of ways!)

- Miko