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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inside Isadora's

 Peace and the Joy of Jewelry.

 Inside Isadora's this time of year feels exceptionally magical..

With treasures around every corner..

 And of course just a little hint of Zora.

Aww.... Tis' the Season.  
Best Wishes to you. We hope to see you in our beautiful winter wonderland.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gold Please...

My extended wish list.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few of Laura's Favorite Things

Victorian Gold Dangle Earrings

For their feminine royalty.

Art Deco Marquise Shaped Ring

For the color of stone and the softening of the tradition marq shape..

But absolutely -- my 3 favorite things are ...

Elizabeth -- Miko -- and Mandy.

Everyday of my life I have the joy and honor to work with three of the most wonderful young women I have ever met.

How I silently smile, when almost every time I call the store, I hear one of you giggling in the background.
Your commitment to love and life spills over Isadora's and our amazing clients.
For the past several Holidays I know clearly what my gifts are ...
They are the three of you. I couldn't do this without you ... you are my order and my joy.
I love you, and hope to show that every day.

Happy Holidays Elizabeth, Miko and Mandy.

Thank you to all of our supporters -- may your Holiday Season be blessed and your New Year wondrous.
I know clearly there would not be an Isadora's without you ..... Heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few of Elizabeth's Favorite Things

So my co-workers are making me do a blog for the first time ever.  My mission is to pick the pieces I would love to have in my collection.  It is very easy to find some of my favorite pieces in the store…probably because almost every piece in here has been on my hand, on my wrist, around my neck or in my ear (which sounds funny!).  When my mother and I are shopping, I find true love in every piece we pick, and every now and again, I imagine that they are mine!  Often times, my philosophy with jewelry is “Go big or go home!” so you may not be surprise by my favorites. 

Victorian Banded Agate Earrings

The agate earrings feel dramatic and bold.  Even on the heavy side, I love the way my ears slightly move when I turn my head.  They make me feel serious.

Victorian Jet Earrings

The jet earrings feel like they are flowing.  They move without moving.  They are more detail oriented and the architecture is balanced.  I am also very into gold earrings and they would go nicely with the rest of my collection!

Art Deco Marquise Shaped Diamond Ring

OK.  Now this ring is the only ring that I have ever contemplated replacing my already favorite wedding ring with.  There is magic to this ring that there are no words for…enough said.

Mid Century Opal Ring

This is my first time falling in love with an opal.  This ring feels so good on.  It is heavy enough and wide enough to be a strong statement.  Once again, it is balanced, and I tend to lean toward pieces with bold statements that aren’t fussy.

Mid Century Turquoise Ring

Then there is the turquoise ring!  This is another piece that I daydream about really owning.  It follows my “go big or go home” theory!  It is a very unusual color of turquoise, and looks beautiful with my aquamarine wedding ring.  I tend to love large stones surrounded by diamonds.  Well, who doesn’t!

- Wishing you a magical Holiday Season!!!  Elizabeth

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If I Had a Wish List...

If I had a wish list these lovelies would be on top!

These cufflinks make me want to go and buy a fitted crisp white French cuff shirt. 

I have such a fascination with anything Egyptian, especially when it includes Art Deco and Enamel!  I would wear this on a beautiful silver chain everyday. 

This locket is A: Gorgeous and B: BIG. It measures to 51mm-41mm. Just the right size to put a regular sized photo of your dog or cat!

So striking are these Victorian spiral earrings, just the right amount of drama. For dressy and dressing down I'd choose these.

For more perfect personal heirloom gift idea's feel free to contact us at: info@isadoras.com or 206.441.7711.

For the musician inside you.

For those of us who always wished for the ability to command the piano like Philip Glass or Mozart. For the musician inside each one of us, Isadora's has the perfect cufflinks to inspire your longing.

Now go play...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jewelry and the Golden Triangle

I’ll admit that until this past week, what I knew about the Golden Triangle could be fit into a teaspoon. I knew it was somewhere in Asia and bridged three countries including Thailand and Burma.

But Isadora’s just got in a new collection of beautiful jewelry from this area and so like always I decided to research and correct my ignorance or at least make a dent in it.

Apparently the Golden Triangle is in Asia and it does cross over three countries:Thailand, Burma and Laos. But that area of the world is so much more.

There are six groups of people that populate this area, primarily residing in the hills of Thailand: The Hmong, The Lahu, The Karen, The Lisu, The Akha and the Mien. And they have beautiful jewelry.

Much of their jewelry is composed of silver. Because these people live on the cusp of three countries, they believe that silver has a greater fixed value than national currencies (and as we read the news from all parts of the world I have to say this seems like a rather intelligent worldview.) And so whenever they get a chunk of change they use it to buy beautiful silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces, wearing the jewelry in great abundance on special occasions.

And one of their favored jewelry motifs is that of the spiral. To them the spiral represents the being’s permanence over the transience of change. I have to say it has become one of my new, favorite jewelry motifs.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things . . .

Because we at Isadora’s love to share what we are passionate about, we are instituting a new regular feature in our blog, “These are a few of my favorite things”, in which one of our staff members will talk about five of their favorite pieces of jewelry. So here are mine!

Mid 20th Century Yellow Gold Necklace
If I had to name one essential jewelry item I would say it is a yellow gold necklace.  And this one is particularly beautiful.  It has a big wow factor, which I have to admit is a must for me, with gold links that drape beautifully over the neck.  It is also a very good length and it has a subtle graduation which I adore.  And one of my very favorite things about this particular necklace is that, while it looks heavy, the links are hallow so it is really comfortable to wear.  

Victorian Men's Bloodstone Ring

Lately I have really been digging men’s wear for women, much to my husband’s dismay, as I keep stealing his cardigans.  But there is something sophisticated and sexy about a Coco Chanel appropriation of men’s clothing for women.  And when I see this ring I think of one of the recent Chanel bio pics “Coco Avant Chanel”.  There is a scene in the movie in which Chanel’s hands are bare except for a striking, masculine onyx pinky ring.  I’m sure that scene was fantastic but I couldn’t stop looking at that ring.  And I actually think this bloodstone ring is more handsome than the one in the movie.

Victorian Silver Bangle

So many times I have people come into the store, fall in love with a piece of jewelry, and then profess surprise when I tell them it dates from the Victorian era.  To their eyes the piece they are looking at is too exotic, to modern, too fantastic for the Victorians.  I think this because one of the sterotypes of the Victorian era is a highly corseted women wearing fussy hearts and flowers.  And it was that era.  But it was also the era of Sarah Bernhardt and many other women terribly exotic and interesting.  I love this bracelet for its Victorian ferocity and I would like to meet a Victorian woman like that.

French Sodalite Rosary

I love color.  And sodalite is one of the prettiest colored stones I know.  This rosary makes me think of the beautiful blues used in Titian and Renaissance paintings, from when they painted with ultramarine the price of gold.

Victorian Turquoise Buckle Ring

I love turquoise and I love almost anything with a buckle motif so what could be more special than a turquoise buckle ring.  This one is particularly enchanting with its subtle engraving.  Plus it is hallmarked, so we know it was made in Birmingham, England in 1868.  I love anything from which I can glean a bit of the past.  (On an interesting historical side note, the hallmark for Birmingham is a little anchor.  This is funny because Birmingham is no where near the water but the office in charge of assuring things were hallmarked correctly was located in a building called “The Anchor”.)

And there you have it, a few of my favorite things.  Please check back to hear from our other staff members.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Zircon: December's Sparking Birthstone

December's birthstone, Zircon is one nature’s prettiest stones.  Occurring in blue, brown, green, dark red, yellow, orange and white, zircon is characterized by an extremely high refraction giving it a fantastic sparkle.

But due to a similar name to the artificial stone, Cubic Zirconia, it has often been overlooked.  This is a jewelry crime, to my way of thinking, because Zircon is a wonderfully beautiful stone. 

And it is the complete opposite of the man made Cubic Zirconia as it is the oldest stone known to man.  And this is not hyperbole.  In Australia, during the 1990’s a tiny grain of zircon 4.2-4.3 billion years old was discovered.  Becoming the very oldest object ever found!

Due to scientists’ ability to trace time through the chemical make-up of zircons, zircons are loved not only by jewelry enthusiasts but also by geologists.  A very hardy stone, Zircons are resistant to chemical attack.  They survive geological events that eradicate other stones and like a time capsule they retain the chemical makeup of their entire timeline, giving geologist clues about the history of the natural world.
But I digress, as a jewelry lover, the most important thing about zircon’s is how exquisitely beautiful they are. 

An Interpretation of the Indian Kalpa Tree

They are considered so beautiful Hindu poets tell of the ancient Kalpa tree. The ultimate gift to the gods, a glowing tree covered in gemstone fruit with leaves of zircon. 

The word Zircon actually comes from the Persian word “Zargun” meaning gold-colored.  As for many years the golden brown zircon was the most popular.  Today the vibrant blue is the one that so many people are crazy for, as am I.

Please follow this link to see all of Isadora's fantastic Zircon pieces:  Zircon

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Dance of the Butterfly: Beautiful Butterfly Gifts

We have the absolute best butterfly jewelry at the moment. Here are a select few pretties. 

Beautiful Butterfly Holiday Gifts.