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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Choker Necklace, Collar or “Collier de Chien”

We have this beautiful pearl choker necklace from the 1940’s and my love for that necklace urged me to research the collar more broadly. 

I remembered reading somewhere, that a British noble had popularized the choker to hide a blemish on her neck.  And my half remembrance was right, or so the rumor goes.  Queen Alexandria, wife to Edward the VII, popularized the wide collar to hide a neck scar from a childhood surgery. 

As I was attempting to prove myself right, which I always love to do, I learned more about Queen Alexandria and grew quite fond of her.  She was the daughter of a Danish prince.  She had a relatively modest childhood although she did on occasion have Hans Christian Anderson join the family for story time.

She married Edward VII shortly after Queen Victoria’s husband died.  With Victoria in mourning, Alexandra quickly became popular.  She was charming and nice and she loved to wear pretty things, popularizing the choker necklace. 

She also became active in her job. Taking over many of Victoria’s duties, opening ceremonies in her place.  In her time as princess, queen and dowager queen she gave birth to six sons, including the future king George V, became the first queen to enter the House of Commons and helped establish “Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corp”.  

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