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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bangles, Bangles, Bangles

On par with the excitement of assembling a fantastic combination of rings is the joy of stacking beautiful, bold, delicate, exotic, simple bangles together.

Vintage Image of a Woman Wearing Beautiful Gold Bangles

I tend to be partial to yellow gold, but you can stack silver, ivory, tortoise, wood.  And in most instances the more bracelets the merrier.

Victorian Claw Brooch

Each of my co-workers has their own fantastic set of bracelets that express who they are.  Isadora's manager, Elizabeth, wears fantastic gold.  She pairs a bold men’s yellow gold watch with a Victorian yellow gold bangle and a yellow gold link bracelet.
Isadora's owner, Laura, is all beautiful aged antique ivory and I know she is entering a room when I hear the particular clink of her bracelets.
And me, I’m evolving.  Some days its tortoise and ivory together and other days it is a bold Etruscan styled mid century yellow gold bracelet juxtaposed with a classic Victorian bangle sparkling with old mine cut diamonds.
Whatever your fancy, there are a million ways to express yourself with the perfect collection of vintage bangles.

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