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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things . . . Lauren

As the holidays approach, we decided to revisit our favorite blog series, "These are a few of my favorite things".  Every Tuesday through Christmas, one of our staff members will take a moment to share five of their favorite Isadoras pieces and why they absolutely adore them. 

We begin our series with our newest staff member, Lauren:

A Few of Lauren's Favorite Things:

Czechoslovakian Glass Dangle Earrings

These earrings immediately caught my eye because of their vibrant neon orange color! I love their movement and the funky nature of the imperfectly matched beads. I love things that make a statement and I would love to pair these earrings with an all black outfit and an amazing up-do. These earrings are a definite conversation piece!

Antique Victorian Diamond Ring
This is the first piece of jewelry in the store that made me melt. I wore this ring for three days straight. I love how the diamonds are clustered together to create a circular, geometric look. The ring is also detailed with black enamel on the sides, which really accents the diamonds and makes the ring really pop! It’s absolutely stunning and being a nontraditional girl, it’s my dream engagement ring!

Vintage Retro 18KT Gold Bracelet
This is THE gold bracelet of all gold bracelets, in my book. It absolutely stands alone as a beautiful, architectural piece. It has a great weight which makes it feel extra amazing on!  It is definitely a statement piece but can also be stacked with other gold bracelets for a different look. It would be a fantastic staple in any jewelry collection.
Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Ring
This ring is so striking, with the diamonds set against the pitch, black onyx. I love the length of this north to south ring, it really elongates your finger. It would pair well with a monochromatic outfit of any color.  I envision bright orange or magenta.  It could even be paired with jeans and a white tee shirt! This pick again speaks to my love of geometric shapes.

European Collection: Victorian Enamel & Pearl Locket
I love the vibrant blue color of the enamel against the bright gold locket and white pearls. The pairing of colors really accents the symmetry of the design on the front, making it bold yet precious. There is also something about lockets that I find really sweet, the close proximity to the heart and the idea of carrying an image or symbol of someone you love. I also think this is a great piece to layer with other gold chains or simple necklaces for a different look! 

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