Located in the historic Pike Place Market, Isadora’s has specialized in exquisite antique jewelry for 38 years. Our discriminating collection includes pieces from the early 1800’s through the 1950’s, without a reproduction to be found. Our precious pieces are sent to North American Gem Lab for independent appraisals. We invite you to call our toll free number for applicable discounts. On many of our pieces, we are able to offer between 10-25% off of appraisal value.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Isadora’s Invites the City of Seattle to a 40th Anniversary Celebration

After 40 years in business, owner Laura Dalesandro wishes to celebrate Isadora’s anniversary with the people she adores, the people of Seattle.  The staff of Isadora’s invites the city to stop by the store during the month of November for some champagne and sugar.
Isadora’s Antique Jewelry was opened on November 7th, 1979 in a garage in Tulsa, Oklahoma with just a $500 loan and a small collection of fine antique clothing and jewelry.  Today Isadora’s resides in Seattle, Washington on the corner of 1st and Pine at the heart of the Pike Place Market, proud to be part of the Inn at the Market and Seattle.  There have been many changes over the years and many things that have stayed the same, primarily a commitment to a family business and beautiful, well crafted, ethically sourced, antique jewelry.  But if you ask the owner what decision she believes had the most impact on the store she would put moving Isadora’s to Seattle at the top of her list.  In moving cities Laura wasn’t just changing locations but also making a choice to move to a city that would not only be a good fit for her store but a city that she wanted to grow with, live with and a city that shared the same values and aspirations as she did.  And having made that choice she has tied her destiny to the city of Seattle.
And Seattle has been so good to Isadora’s.  The support of the customers who have come back year after year has been enormous, there are the avid collector who have not just become customers but also friends and there are the individuals and couples who at each stage of their life chose to commemorate that moment with a piece of jewelry from Isadora’s, whether it is with a wedding ring, a locket to celebrate a new baby or a bracelet to commemorate a graduation from college.  These residents of our city have chosen to share some of the most special, intimate and beautiful moments of their lives with us and we feel so blessed.

As Isadora’s looks to the future, a future that includes antique jewelry and a continued one on one connection with each and every customer, owner Laura Dalesandro, knows it is only possible with the partnership of Seattle and her people and she wishes that as many people who have been a part of Isadora’s over the last forty years and as many as will be a part of Isadora’s for the next forty, stop by for this special week so we can say thank you.  As owner Laura says, “I am not sure anyone could realize the way I feel about this. . . 40 years!!!  And I owe it all our clients and the staff . . . there is not an Isadora’s without that . . . really . . . see, I feel wild inside . . . with gratitude”.

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Nyima said...

Namaste from the Himalayan Hills!
Well, yes, Iʻm still here — sweeping the veranda and boiling water.
Felt this hankering to say hi, and with good reason: An anniversary celebration. Congratulations, and thanks for all the joy you have brought to our lives.

Lovely stuff. Those Deco pieces still bring a smile. The renunciate hasnʻt forgotten beauty.

Sorry, canʻt stop by in person, but my heart is with you now and always.
All is well with me. I am happy in every way, and wish the same for you, your family, and your multitude of friends.

Love from Andrea, aka Nyima

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