Located in the historic Pike Place Market, Isadora’s has specialized in exquisite antique jewelry for 38 years. Our discriminating collection includes pieces from the early 1800’s through the 1950’s, without a reproduction to be found. Our precious pieces are sent to North American Gem Lab for independent appraisals. We invite you to call our toll free number for applicable discounts. On many of our pieces, we are able to offer between 10-25% off of appraisal value.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few of Laura's Favorite Things

Victorian Gold Dangle Earrings

For their feminine royalty.

Art Deco Marquise Shaped Ring

For the color of stone and the softening of the tradition marq shape..

But absolutely -- my 3 favorite things are ...

Elizabeth -- Miko -- and Mandy.

Everyday of my life I have the joy and honor to work with three of the most wonderful young women I have ever met.

How I silently smile, when almost every time I call the store, I hear one of you giggling in the background.
Your commitment to love and life spills over Isadora's and our amazing clients.
For the past several Holidays I know clearly what my gifts are ...
They are the three of you. I couldn't do this without you ... you are my order and my joy.
I love you, and hope to show that every day.

Happy Holidays Elizabeth, Miko and Mandy.

Thank you to all of our supporters -- may your Holiday Season be blessed and your New Year wondrous.
I know clearly there would not be an Isadora's without you ..... Heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

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