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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Few of Elizabeth's Favorite Things

So my co-workers are making me do a blog for the first time ever.  My mission is to pick the pieces I would love to have in my collection.  It is very easy to find some of my favorite pieces in the store…probably because almost every piece in here has been on my hand, on my wrist, around my neck or in my ear (which sounds funny!).  When my mother and I are shopping, I find true love in every piece we pick, and every now and again, I imagine that they are mine!  Often times, my philosophy with jewelry is “Go big or go home!” so you may not be surprise by my favorites. 

Victorian Banded Agate Earrings

The agate earrings feel dramatic and bold.  Even on the heavy side, I love the way my ears slightly move when I turn my head.  They make me feel serious.

Victorian Jet Earrings

The jet earrings feel like they are flowing.  They move without moving.  They are more detail oriented and the architecture is balanced.  I am also very into gold earrings and they would go nicely with the rest of my collection!

Art Deco Marquise Shaped Diamond Ring

OK.  Now this ring is the only ring that I have ever contemplated replacing my already favorite wedding ring with.  There is magic to this ring that there are no words for…enough said.

Mid Century Opal Ring

This is my first time falling in love with an opal.  This ring feels so good on.  It is heavy enough and wide enough to be a strong statement.  Once again, it is balanced, and I tend to lean toward pieces with bold statements that aren’t fussy.

Mid Century Turquoise Ring

Then there is the turquoise ring!  This is another piece that I daydream about really owning.  It follows my “go big or go home” theory!  It is a very unusual color of turquoise, and looks beautiful with my aquamarine wedding ring.  I tend to love large stones surrounded by diamonds.  Well, who doesn’t!

- Wishing you a magical Holiday Season!!!  Elizabeth

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