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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


During the 1950’s, the engagement ring became popularly defined as a diamond solitaire worth three months salary. And there is a reason the diamond solitaire became the mid century classic engagement ring—it is a beautiful ring style that has both enduring beauty and enduring strength.

1950's Diamond Engagement Ring

But for a while it seemed there was this notion that it was the only style of engagement ring.  But while this notion of the diamond solitaire as THE ENGAGEMENT RING seems traditional in capitol letters it is a tradition that extends only fifty or sixty years.  And so while a diamond solitaire ring is a stunning engagement ring it is not the only engagement ring.

In eras past, people chose rings for many different reasons.  Sapphires were extremely popular as a blue was considered the color of fidelity, which is why you will see it in many vintage engagement rings.  (The sapphire engagement ring is still extremely popular in England today.)  Moonstones were popular during the Victorian era as their shimmery white color connoted purity.  Birthstones were also popular for engagement rings as each stone was chosen as specific and unique to the couple.  Even animal jewelry was worn.  Queen Victoria and King Albert, famed for their love, exchanged snake rings as snakes symbolized eternal love in Victorian society. 

Victorian Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Antique Moonstone & Diamond Ring
Birthstone "Aquamarine" Engagement Ring

Victorian "Old Mine Cut" Diamond Snake Ring
And today we are lucky to live in an era in which we can again choose the ring that speaks to us.  Some people choose a diamond solitaire as their ring but they choose it because it is the ring they love, not because they were told they have to buy a diamond solitaire engagement ring.  People are also buying beautiful emeralds, aquamarines and diamonds in mountings that define convention-shaped in buckles and bows.

My Isadoras Engagement Ring -- The Ring That's Right For Me
And the great thing about choosing an antique engagement ring is you have a hundred years worth of fashion to choose from.  So you can choose the perfect Mid Century diamond solitaire for your engagement ring.  You can also choose an Edwardian sapphire cluster ring, Victorian snake ring or an Art Deco stair step ring.  Whatever speaks to you, you can choose. --MIKO

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I like your post. And I like the pic of the solitaire diamond engagement ring. I just like diamonds and other precious stones. And I like to go hunting for vintage engagement rings for sale during garage sales in our area.

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