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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

A Few of Miko’s Favorite Things:
My absolute favorite Isadoras piece of jewelry is this striking Art Deco platinum ring.   I love the soft color of green jade contrasted by the hardness of the platinum.  And I adore the subtle architecture of this ring and how close it sits to the finger.
I have a fondness for industrial Victorian jewelry.  And steel cut jewelry, to my eye, is one of the most fantastically industrial Victorian baubles, simultaneously beautifully antique and intensely modern.  With their industrial sparkle they would suit the most modern of fashonista and you can dress them up and dress them down.  I love the length of this particular pair of 1850’s steel cut earrings.
For the past several years I have found myself drawn again and again to striking animal jewelry—whether it is a panther ring, lion bracelet or horse head brooch.  I love the details of this particular piece.  You feel the horse might actually come to life.  Brooches are also one of my passions, as I feel  you are truly wearing a mini work of art.
Two of my good friends have recently purchased vintage watches and I have to say I keep looking at them with an acquisitive eye.  Like many of my generation, I wore a wristwatch in my youth, but I have relied of late on my cell phone.  But a cell phone cannot replace the handiness of a watch and it can definitely not replace a watch’s beauty.  I love the beautiful lines of this 1970’s yellow gold Omega.
The Retro era of jewelry has always been one of my favorites.  I feel like it was one of the most creative eras.  I adore the shape of this ring as well as the pairing of warm rose gold with sparkling diamonds.

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