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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pools of Light

At the end of World War I brought with it a desire for clean and modern lines in both clothing and jewelry. In this age of the Flapper, the "pools of light" necklaces became a very popular look, as they were often worn as a fashionable accessory and shimmered beautifully in the low lights of the speakeasy. 

As increased travel to the China brought with it an interest in the art, jewelry and style of the East. Chinese in origin and referred to as "pools of light", these crystal orbs of rock crystal are never drilled as the Chinese believed that this would allow the spirits(or chi) and the good luck from within to escape. Instead, they are wrapped in silver or gold wire and metal and held together by silver or gold rings. 

The crystals take on the color of the fabric against which they rest and reflect other tones and hues in an almost magical manner. Cool and relaxing to the touch, they take on a meditative quality. 

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