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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seattle’s Space Needle Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

This Saturday, the Space Needle and the Seattle World’s Fair celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  (Once in awhile we have to write a blog about our city, 'cause we love it.)

Vintage Image of the Seattle Space Needle
The 1962 World Fair was an exhilarating time for Seattle.  It lasted  six months and people from all across the United States, and in some cases the globe, flew to Seattle to spend time at the fair  (Elvis even filmed a movie, “It Happened at the World’s Fair”). 

Mid 20th Century Steig Sterling Cufflinks
The theme was “Century 21” and Seattle presented a view of the future, centered by the iconic Space Needle with its modernist lines.  Other cities may have built a taller tower but no one else built a building quite like ours.   It is what has visually put Seattle on the map.  

1962 Seattle Photograph

And I think it is probably why I have always had such an affinity for 60's modernist architecture, clothing and jewelry.  Some might call it kitsch, and it is that too, but it is also oddly wonderful. 

1960's Chrome Cuff

There is something compelling about the 60's conception of modernity and the future, or as Seattle columnist, Knute Berger, said a "futuristic utopianism" which was embodied by the Seattle's World Fair and it's theme Century 21.

World's Fair Science Arches

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