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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mondrian: Beautiful Geometry

This Bakelite Brooch has always reminded me of a Mondrian painting, something about its bold geometry and strong primary colors. 

One of Mondrian's Last Paintings and One of My Personal Favorites

I remember reading a quote about Mondrian once.  It said Mondrian’s art was both kinetic and serene.  

Vintage Bakelite Brooch

I really loved that because I love to love something but I also love to understand why I love what I love. 

A Classic Mondrian Piece

And that writer nailed a quality that I had never been able to codify for myself.  There is something in the simplicity of his colors and lines that brings these inexplicably opposite feelings to meet and I think that is why I have been drawn to Mondrian repeatedly over the years.

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