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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Snake Ring: A Victorian Symbol For Eternal Love

In 1840 Prince Albert designed a ring for Queen Victoria.  It depicted two snakes in an eternal circle, an enchanting symbol of eternal love. 
         Over time the snake has had many meanings but one of the most popular is that of eternity.  The "Ouroboros" (the serpent eating its own tale) is a common symbol for both time and eternity.  It, like the circle, represents wholeness and perfection because it has no end.
         It is little surprise then that snakes doubled became a perfect Victorian symbol for eternal love in an era where nature and symbology collided in so many pieces of jewelry. It was also an era that loved to draw inspiration from the past and the snake ring can be found in ancient Greek and Roman times.

         Due to its beauty, and the popularity Queen Victoria bestowed on anything she wore, the snake ring is a true delight for the collector.  There are many fantastic snake rings to be found and every time I think they can't think of a more enchanting way to show two snakes wrapped round the finger another ring appears to surprise and delight.

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