Located in the historic Pike Place Market, Isadora’s has specialized in exquisite antique jewelry for 38 years. Our discriminating collection includes pieces from the early 1800’s through the 1950’s, without a reproduction to be found. Our precious pieces are sent to North American Gem Lab for independent appraisals. We invite you to call our toll free number for applicable discounts. On many of our pieces, we are able to offer between 10-25% off of appraisal value.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Baubles...

As more and more couples try to make green choices about everything from organic soy latte they drink to the fuel efficient car they drive, Isadora’s offers what it has always has offered: A way of preserving the past and the future.

. European Collection: Victorian “Adore” Ring .

Isadora’s sells antique and vintage jewelry. Antique jewelry is a consumer conscious alternative for couples trying to avoid not only conflict diamonds but also diamonds, gemstones and even precious metals that are mined in such a way that their procurement has a deleterious effect on the environment. By purchasing an antique ring a couple makes an investment in the future, both theirs and the worlds. They also preserve the past by curating and loving jewelry that has been around, in many cases, longer that they have.

. Edwardian Diamond & Ruby Earrings .

And having made a choice to purchase a piece of antique or vintage jewelry, couples and individuals are often surprised to find how truly exquisite the selection is. Isadora’s has pieces of jewelry dating from 1820 through 1950: Each piece of jewelry a work of art. Unlike most jewelry today, the jewelry of yesterday was usually created, at least in part by hand, giving them a level of detail, craftsmanship and individuality that is unsurpassed today, whether it is a European cut diamond surrounded by platinum filigree or an architectural Art Deco ring. And there is sort of a wonder and awe that comes with wearing jewelry that has survived all of history’s pitfalls and highlights. Antique jewelry is unsurpassed on so many levels.

. Vintage Ruby & Diamond Ring .

So whether you are shopping for a engagement ring that makes her say “I do” or if you are seeking that perfect Valentine’s gift, Isadora’s has a piece that is beautiful, timeless and green.

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